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Ready for Kageyama!

My NazoDi movie blu-ray arrived today!


At last!

This week was really something...

Hi LJ!

I'm really excited about what happened this week!
I met some Japanese artists in person!

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At last!!!

Look at what was waiting for me at home!!!! :D

OMG!!! It's here!!!!!

Just got home and found a little package on my table...

I've also ordered the new album, Nippon no Arashi and Matsujun's AnAn so I'm looking forward for them to arrive in the next few weeks!!!

Off to watch this!!!!! :D


I thought I could share this...

Hi LJ:

Its been a while. I've been watching some old Arashi shows lately and, most of the time, when I want to rewatch a certain moment, I don't remember where I saw it. So I decided to make my own episode guides for the shows, with a little more detail on the contents.
This is the first one.

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Hi LJ:

Well, I've been here for a few months already and I've been thinking and thinking of what to post about, that other Arashi fans might find interesting and original.
The truth is I have ZERO access to live HQ Japanese TV shows (unless they're on NHK...  I was so excited that I was able to see the guys hosting Kouhaku Uta Gassen live on TV, stayed up the whole night jumping off the couch to hug the TV when they appeared on stage!!!) or radio shows. I'm tragically limited to KeyHole TV and a very unreliable Internet connection. (To all the LJ members who share videos with us: thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!)
My Japanese language skills are still at a basic level so I can't offer any kind of translation or subbed videos.
When my magazines arrive to my country, one of you, awesome global fans, has already been kind enough to scan and share them.
I'm not as talented as I wish on Photoshop, video editing or animated gif creating.
I'm not particularly good at writing, so I would probably FAIL at fanfics (plus shojunniji  perfectly puts my OTP musings into words. I love you for that!!!).

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My logical conclusion comes from this:

1. I basically spend 50 to 80% of my day watching, listening, reading, singing, humming, whistling, dancing, talking about, laughing at, drooling over, nosebleeding on, or imagining something that has to do with Arashi. The rest of the day is basically my job and my Japanese lessons (though it could count as Arashi time too, cause my current sensei and one of my new classmates are Arashi fans XD; right now there's a picture of Sho* stuck to the whiteboard for learning purposes (ポスターはってあります)  and it's sooooo distracting... (-_- )). And yeah, for the ones who read my first post, now I have local friends who happen to be part of this fandom! Yay!

2. Sometimes at home or when I move around the city I see random things that instantly remind me of our rainbow colored guys (yeah, I know... I'm sick) and I start giggling to the point where random people on the bus or on the street turn around and look at me like I'm some crazy person smiling and laughing all by myself (probably I am, who cares). Is it just me? I wonder...

So this gave me an idea. Maybe some people share my weird thoughts...

I'm planning on starting a photo log with particular things or moments that have brought (or never fail to bring) Arashi to my mind. Some might be directly related and some I might have a difficult time to put into words, but I could give it a try. Since I live in a  country very, very far away from Japan it might be amusing to see how Arashi is present in my everyday life. And, in the process, if you're interested, you could get to know a little more about me ^_^.
I'll try to explain why a certain subconscious force got me thinking about a certain quote, song, variety, dorama, CM, PV, photoshoot, etc. etc. of our boys.

Lets begin with an example:

My dessert today: arroz con leche con mazamorra morada.

You might remember this dish from Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode 160 with comedy duo Hibiki as guests. Its a typical dessert from Peru that is actually a combination of two different desserts. Arroz con leche (literally rice with milk) and mazamorra morada (which is a pudding made from purple corn) work really well together. Matsujun liked it and Sho-chan kept laughing because one of the guests kept repeating "icchatteru" (A.Ra.Shi freak!). I also remember Oh-chan pronounced the name perfectly and Nino told him he sounded like he actually came from the country.
Hontōni oishii desuyo. Itadakimasu!!!

What do you think?

On a personal note:
On February 13th, the club I belong to, which is dedicated to raise Japanese culture awareness in Peru, held its first Natsumatsuri. I was in charge of the J-pop section of the event. There were eight different performers, and two of them performed Arashi songs so I was really psyched! These are their homepages if you'd like to check them out:

Arashi no Koe

The event went really well. We had 1300 attendees, all the food stands (yakisoba, takoyaki, kakigori, okonomiyaki... YUM!) were sold out by 2:00 p.m., the seiyu mini class was packed and there were cool prizes for the cosplay contest. Great success!!!

Sorry for the long post!!!


*In case you're wondering which photo of Sho is taped on my classroom, it's this one:

(I definitely had to ask my sensei to lend it to me and I scanned it XD. Wouldn't you be distracted? )

Now... how do I begin?

Hi LJ!

This is my first post and I really don't know how to begin. Who's gonna see this? Hmmm....
Well, I guess I should begin with the reason I chose to start this journal.
I've been obsessing about the japanese boy band Arashi since I discovered them 7 months ago by chance and I came across this great community where I find lots of fans like me. I guess I feel I belong here :)

This is the story of how Arashi entered my life.
One friday night, my boyfriend for the past ten years tells me he wants to call it quits. I completely agreed on the subject. Things weren't working out anyway, so the best thing was to break up. Of course, I got upset, cried a little and since I couldn't sleep, I picked up Haruki Murakami's "After Dark" and read the entire book. I loved it! I don't know why but it lifted my spirits up right away.
The next day, I was hosting a study group session for my Japanese Language classmates. While we were waiting for the rest to arrive, one friend said he had a dorama with him so we decided to watch it. The dorama's name was Hana Yori Dango. That is how I saw Matsujun for the first time. I thought: "Wow, this guy Domyouji is really cool!".
Later that day, I met my girlfriends for a snack since I told them what had happened the night before (sobbing midnight phone calls). When we met, they were ready with tissues and hugs at hand, but they were greatly surprised when they saw me smiling and happy. I didn't exactly understand why I was is such a good mood either. Could it be that catchy tune that had lodged in my brain?
When I got back home, the song from the dorama stayed in my head. So I started searching the web. The name Arashi appeared at once and I came across the PV for Wish. "Oh, the guy from the dorama sings that! The song is really good. And that other guy looks good, too... (staring at Sho-chan)". After that, I was hooked.

Since then, I've been watching everything of theirs I can get my hands on. Living in Peru doesn't make things easy, since there aren't that many stores that carry their products and I don't happen to have any fan friends :(
I hope I get to connect with other fans though this journal and I'll keep supporting these amazing 5 guys who make my day every day, Arashi.

I guess that's enough for my first post.

PD: I'm really glad that last saturday there was a Johnny's segment on national television and I've heard that another channel is playing some of their PVs. Way to go!